Over the past 10 years, cialis our research group has
been working on advanced CO2 separation
technologies, sale targeting the main application areas of industrial gas processing
and CO2 removal from flue gases and other industrial gas streams. The
ultimate goal of the research program is to develop more effective CO2 separation processes to remove CO2 from
the above-mentioned applications. We are working on a number of research
projects that deal with or are related to high efficiency CO2 separation processes.

The main topic areas in our on-going research
program include:

  • Determination of CO2 absorption capacity
  • Evaluations of Thermodynamic Data (related to gas separation processes)
  • Studies of CO2 absorption kinetics in various solvents
  • Formulation of high performance CO2 absorption solvents
  • Searching for high performance absorbers and regenerators
  • Studies of Reactive Membranes for Gas Separation Processes
  • Developing design strategies for high efficiency CO2 absorption processes
  • Studies of corrosion and corrosion control in CO2 & Solvent environments
  • Studies of solvent degradation in CO2 absorption processes
  • Modeling and simulation of gas separation processes
  • Optimization and cost studies of cogeneration-based CO2 capture
  • Knowledge-based systems for solvent selection in CO2 separation processes
  • Intelligent monitoring and control of CO2 generating systems

The following present our selected projects: